You have the right to life.  This right begins at conception.  Only God has the right to end life, with the exception of an individual having the right to end his or her own life with dignity and without interference, and by enlisting the help of others if he or she so wishes. 

    This right to life extends beyond our borders, as we have no right to start politically-motivated wars with other nations, and murder their people.  We only have the right to kill a member of another nation if one or more of our people are threatened with IMMINENT death by that person, persons or nation.


    You have the right to do anything you want, provided you do not violate anyone else’s rights in the process, and do no harm to the Earth, its flora or its fauna. 

    For example, if you want to go out into the middle of the woods in the far north, fire a full automatic weapon into the air and scream out obscenities, then you have the right do so as long as you take reasonable precautions to ensure that no person, animal or property is hit with your rounds. 

    However, you cannot hold a “Gay Pride Parade” during which you are distributing dildo-shaped candy to children, and men are masturbating in public with children present (even though both are criminal acts, Toronto police turn a blind eye to them).  By doing so you have violated the right of the children’s guardian or caregiver to shield them from being exposed to sexual content before the age of majority, in that they have a reasonable expectation that such lewd, criminal behaviour would not take place in public.


    You have the right to be told the truth, and if you lie to another person or entity, you have violated their right to be told the truth.  Crimes of honesty, such as theft, lying and bribe-taking, must be prosecuted with extreme prejudice since they are not “crimes of passion” and are therefore committed in cold blood.  Mass dishonesty and corruption always leads to a breakdown of society. 

    Government must be transparent.  The spreading of falsehoods by individuals, business, media or government must result in stiff punishment.  However, you are permitted to lie to any person, entity or government if you deem them to be corrupt and if the lie is necessary to protect your rights.

    Specifically, government and corporations have conspired in a fascist-like suppression of the truth when it comes to the North American Aboriginal Holocaust, the trans-Atlantic black African and white Irish slave Holocausts, and the Russian & Ukrainian Orthodox Christian Holocausts (where 50 Million people were slaughtered by Marxists whilst Stalin said “The death of one person is a tragedy; the death of a million people is a statistic”).  It is disingenuous to financially support and promote a “Human Rights Museum” that focuses solely on one group, and even in that case, presents wildly exaggerated, bordering on grossly false propaganda about their plight.


    You have the right to say “NO”, provided doing so does not violate the rights of others.  You may also do so on behalf of anyone that you are the guardian or caregiver of.

    You can refuse medical treatment.  You can refuse unwarranted search or seizure of your property.   You can refuse to send your children to school, instead opting to homeschool.  You can refuse to have your children vaccinated.

    No matter how reprehensible it may seem to others, you even have the right to refuse to employ, work with, serve or associate with someone based on his or her race, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, etc.  Even though the right of the individual to be intolerant and discriminatory will be protected, government will be required to treat all citizens as equal, whether they are or not.

    For example, if a police officer requests that you move your vehicle because you are blocking traffic, you cannot refuse because not doing so violates the right of other drivers to be mobile.  However, if you own a Jewish school and you do not want to employ non-Jews, then you have the right not to hire them because potential job applicants do not have an enshrined right to work for you.


    You have the right to pursue happiness in whatever way you see fit.  You have the freedom to practice your religion provided it does not interfere with anyone else’s rights. 

    Whether it is eating hallucinogenic mushrooms and dancing nude in the forest, or living in total silence in a monastery deep in The Rockies, you have the right to pursue whatever path in life you feel will make you happy. 


    You have the right to trade in a currency that is stable and maintains its value.  Inflation is created by the overprinting of money, and is a form of theft.  Inflation is a burden on those that are the least fortunate amongst us. 

    The Bank of Canada must be reined in and brought back to its original mandate, which includes lending money at zero percent interest to all levels of government, for the purpose of infrastructure projects.


    You have the right to answer to a criminal code that is fair, equitable and exists solely for the purpose of being a deterrent to REAL crime.  We all make mistakes, and some of us make them more elaborately than others.  Incarceration must be a LAST RESORT and reserved solely for crimes involving violence against people or animals, endangerment of life, deceit, theft, corruption, treason, etc., with the ultimate goal of only applying such punishment to those who are TRUE sociopaths.

    We must focus our resources on criminal rehabilitation, fast reintegration into the community, drug and alcohol counselling, and the elimination of the social stigma of possessing a criminal record.  REMEMBER:  for every one person with a criminal record, there are likely dozens of people that have committed exactly the same crime and were not caught because either the crime was not reported or they were sophisticated enough to cover their tracks.  Also, we must differentiate between those who temporarily fell into a bad crowd due to socioeconomic factors and those who are sociopaths that cannot be rehabilitated. 

    When approximately 1/3 of cases on court dockets either directly or indirectly involve drug crimes, and when over 95% of sexual assault charges that are aggressively defended by competent legal counsel result in acquittals, one has to ask oneself why these cases made it to court in the first place.  Furthermore, a criminal code that considers both rape and involuntary kissing as “sexual assault” is highly Draconian.  We must differentiate between REAL crime and NORMAL male courtship behaviour, no matter how vulgar and aggressive it appears to FemiMarxist agitators, who do NOT speak for the majority of women.


    You have the right to the smallest federal government possible that is still capable of maintaining sufficient infrastructure to ensure the preservation of your other rights.  The sole purpose of the federal government will be to protect your rights and collect just enough tax to do so.  Government must be held accountable as to how it spends your tax money and can only spend it to enforce common law, uphold The Constitution, provide postal services, maintain a prison system, provide national defense, etc. 

    “Anarchy” is not a viable political system in that the 2-3% of the population that are sociopaths, and the 10-12% that are immoral opportunists, will use this lack of enforced accountability to violate everyone else’s rights.  We encourage our “Anarchist” brothers and sisters to research the principles of Minarchy, which will SAFELY fulfill all their desires.


    You have the right to a government that works in the best interests of the Canadian people, and does not base its foreign or domestic policy on the interests of foreign governments, or lobby groups representing special interest groups, foreign governments, or corporations.

    Specifically, Canada has kowtowed to the Zionist lobby for far too long, sending our children to die in far off wars NOT for our own security, but for the imperialistic interests of the illegitimate State of Israel.

    Any members of government or the military who violate the people’s right to loyalty from their officials, will be guilty of treason and will be subjected to the harshest punishment under the law, including life in prison, revocation of citizenship, and seizure of all their assets to financially compensate the families of their victims (such as the children of dead soldiers).


    You have the right to be safe from harm inflicted by the government or by other people or entities.  The government has an obligation to protect you from harm that is inflicted upon you through no fault of your own. 

    Furthermore, the government cannot subject you to cruel or unusual punishments, including excessive fines or prison terms for minor offences.


    You have the right to be healthy.  You have the right to be provided with free government-funded health care, including free chiropractic and dental care, and prescription drugs.  In order to improve efficiency, “health insurance” should be managed federally.  In order to alleviate regional staffing shortages, licenses for health providers should be valid Canada-wide and be portable. 

    You also have the right to maintain your health through natural, alternative or experimental therapies, including the consumption of marijuana.  The government will be forbidden to enact any laws or programs that are detrimental to your health, such as daylight savings time (which will be abolished, as it has been in Russia).

    Furthermore, charging a nominal deductible fee of $5 per patient visit would discourage abuse of the system, thereby bringing health care costs down dramatically.  As a physician, our Party Leader has confirmed that at least 75% of visits to general practitioners are grossly unjustified (i.e. runny noses, prescription refills, etc.), so a small user fee would slash health care costs and waiting times. 


    You have the right to clean food and water.  The entire country will be declared GMO-free, and all production and food importation will be mandated to be organic within 5 years (as has been done in Russia).  MSG, glucose-fructose, preservatives, food colourings, etc., will be banned.  Fluoridation will be banned across the country, as will be plastic packaging for food and beverages, which is toxic.


    You have the right to put any substance into your body that you wish.  All drug laws will be repealed, but the government will regulate and tax recreational drug sales and distribution. 

    Like every country and state that has legalized drugs, we expect a huge increase in tax revenue and a plunge in the cost of prosecuting and incarcerating drug offenders.  Furthermore, once drugs are legalized, organized crime and gang violence will plummet. 


    You have the right to be considered an “adult” at the age of 16, including the right to vote, run for public office, enlist for military service, get married, drink alcohol, consume recreational drugs, sign legally binding contracts, be tried as an adult, and have control over your body.

    The educational system must be geared toward preparing young people for adulthood, including mandatory courses starting at age 14 which outline your responsibilities as an adult.  Courses should also educate young adults as to the dangers of consuming alcohol and drugs before the age of 19, as the brain cells continue to divide and new neural pathways are formed up until that age.  People between the ages of 16 and 18 are already consuming drugs and alcohol, so we feel that this program has the potential of reducing those numbers. 

    Furthermore, we should create a uniquely Canadian “coming of age” ritual to celebrate having reached the “Age Of Majority”, which will be deemed the first great milestone in life.  This ritual will be performed on a group basis, and involve an elaborate, televised ceremony.


    You have the right to live in an environment that is free from pollution and ecosystem destruction.  All programs related to “manmade global warming” and “CO2 emissions” are disingenuous New World Order ruses, and therefore will NOT be considered during the making of any new environmental laws. 

    While alternative energy sources will be encouraged, they will not be subsidized by government.  Furthermore, safe thorium-based nuclear reactor technology, which is being suppressed by the uranium industry, will be strongly considered.


    All of God’s creatures have the right to live a dignified life without unnecessary human-caused suffering or interference.  Whilst vegetarianism is noble, it is unrealistic to expect mass adoption of this lifestyle.  Instead, the government’s main focus must be placed on eliminating cruel animal farming and testing. 

    We must enact the STRICTEST animal welfare laws in the world.  Zoos must be banned, with the exception of animal sanctuaries that exist for the sole purpose of rescuing animals.  The special status of dogs in our society should be enshrined in our constitution, including the right of well-behaved dogs to accompany their masters at all times.  Also, the murder of a dog, especially when done by “law enforcement”, must result in lengthy incarceration. 


    You have the right to maintain ownership over yourself, including the right to sell your body if you so wish, provided you do not harm another person in the process.

    For example, you do NOT have the right to have an abortion in that the right to exclusively own your body over a period of several months is not as great as the right of the unborn child not to be murdered.  Even in the case of pregnancy from rape, which is ALMOST UNHEARD OF, the child that is created is an innocent party to the criminal act, and has the right to live.  REMEMBER: A WOMAN ALSO HAS THE RIGHT TO BE BORN!

    We as a society must work to eliminate the stigma of “unplanned” pregnancy so that it is no longer termed “unwanted”, in the hopes that either the biological mothers ultimately accept and embrace their children, or they put those children up for adoption by the tens of thousands of decent yet sadly infertile families across the country.  Therefore, adoption protocols must be made more efficient, with as little red tape as possible.


    You have the right to drop out of society at any time and just disappear.  You have the right to be left alone if you do so.  You cannot be discriminated against for exercising this right, provided you have given sufficient notice of your intent to exercise it to those that may be adversely affected by you doing so.  If anyone interferes with your self-exile, they will be subject to legal ramifications.


    Once you have earned Canadian citizenship, you have the right not to have the value of your citizenship depreciated because foreigners are given the opportunity to quickly and easily earn it.  Specifically, allowing landed immigrants to become citizens through fast-tracking and making the citizenship test simple enough for virtually anyone to pass, are both slaps in the face to those who earned citizenship through birthright.

    Therefore, the requirements to become a citizen will be drastically toughened.  To apply for citizenship, landed immigrants will be required to reside in Canada for at least 10 continuous years, and for at least 11 months out of every year; they will have to prove that they have SIGNIFICANTLY contributed to Canadian society economically, culturally AND socially (all 3 requirements MUST be met); they will have to pass a rigorous citizenship test that requires them to possess an in-depth knowledge of Canadian history, law, ethics, culture, and society; and they will have to possess exceptional fluency in either English or French.

    Furthermore, if one becomes a citizen through a method other than birthright, and he or she commits a serious crime, his or her citizenship will be revoked within days of the guilty verdict, and the criminal will be IMMEDIATELY DEPORTED back to his or her home country!  Finally, citizenship will NEVER be granted automatically to the child of a non-citizen merely because the child was born on Canadian soil.


    You have the right to your privacy and to be anonymous.  The government has no right to survey or spy on you unless there are reasonable grounds that you have committed or are about to commit a crime.  You need not carry or provide “identification” or reveal your face unless you have committed a crime, there is very strong evidence that you may have committed a crime, or if not identifying yourself violates the rights of others.


    You have the right not to have yourself or your property searched or surveyed without due cause.  That due cause must strongly outweigh your rights.  Your property cannot be seized, even temporarily, without strong evidence that doing so is in the public interest.


    You have the right to be free from unnecessary or undue laws which hinder your or your business’ ability to thrive, or which may give your competitors an unfair advantage over your business, especially if your product or service is superior.  Specifically, laws that stifle the creation and operation of small business must be repealed immediately, and government must never “subsidize” any activity or product, in that doing so promotes inefficiency and poor resource management.  Patent and trademark protection must be more strictly enforced in order to promote and nurture creativity.

    All government subsidies for post-secondary education will immediately cease.  That will drive the cost of tuition way down, as colleges and universities will now have to cost-compete for students.  Students will qualify for “Basic Income” (see below) and may use that income to pay for tuition or student housing.  That puts the students in the driver’s seat.  It also means that the students will have ZERO DEBT when they graduate.


    You have the right to keep 100% of the fruits of your labour.  Income tax, which was enacted in 1917 as a “temporary war tax”, must be abolished as it is unethical in that it taxes YOU as a human being, and is tantamount to declaring you state property.  Lost income tax revenue can easily be recovered by increasing sales taxes and natural resource royalties. 

    Also, all non-profit groups, including religions, must start paying property tax.  Therefore, the federal government should mandate that inequitable distribution of provincial property taxation violates the rights of the majority to pay tax within a fair and broad-based tax system.


    You have the right to be able to afford your basic needs without being required to work.  Society is heavily automated, therefore we must let go of the notion that everyone must work.  Sadly, instead of working to live, we now live to work, and not being able to work carries with it a social stigma. 

    If you are a Canadian citizen, once you have reached the Age of Majority and you are no longer living as a dependent, you have the right not to work, and to receive a “Basic Income” sufficient to cover the essentials, like food and SHARED accommodation. This "Basic Income" will also replace social assistance, government disability pensions, employment insurance, old age security, etc., and will eliminate the need for a minimum wage, thereby stimulating small business.

    “Basic Income” will be the last part of our platform to be phased in because we need to transform then stabilize Canada’s tax base before rolling out this paradigm-shifting program.  In the interim, we will build the “Basic Income” infrastructure and place into the “Basic Income” model all people receiving federal government assistance under existing programs, in a revenue-neutral fashion.  Then we will gradually migrate other demographic groups over to the program, giving priority to those nearest the poverty line and to post-secondary students. 

    There will be NO FIRM TIMELINE to complete this migration.  In order to prevent hyperinflation resulting from money supply expansion, timing of migration will be based strictly on stability of our tax base.

    Furthermore, this “Basic Income” will NOT be “free”.  If you are under the age of 65 and not disabled, you will be required to perform community service within a short distance of your home in exchange for receiving your “Basic Income”.  The need for such public service will increase dramatically as the criminal conviction rate plummets from the mass decriminalization of previously criminal activities, such as recreational drug distribution and possession.


    You have the absolute right to free speech and expression, no matter how vile or unpopular it may be to others.  All “hate laws” must be repealed in that they are too vaguely worded and open to interpretation, thereby making it possible for a corrupt government to harness them to quash dissent, just like they have done in dozens of Marxist regimes over the last 100 years.

    “Hate laws” are totally unnecessary, since calling for harm of any particular person or group is already covered by several sections of the criminal code.  Furthermore, repealing these laws will handicap Marxist special interest groups in their efforts to hijack social policy, which should instead be geared to the majority.


    Media has the right to report the truth without interference from government or the courts, and to protect their sources, providing doing so does not violate the rights of another person or group.  Judicial “gag orders” will only be permitted in the most extreme of cases, and only if they protect the rights of a person or group.

    Furthermore, the media will be obliged to report ONLY THE TRUTH.  Therefore, their right to report freely will not be applicable in the case of the spreading of falsehoods, as is common nowadays in the ZioMarxist-controlled mainstream media.

    The definition of “Media” must be extended to include alternative media outlets, provided they can prove that they exist solely for the purpose of reporting on current events.  A “Whistleblower” will be afforded the same rights as Media, provided his or her activities are clearly altruistic and meant to be in the public interest, as opposed to him or her being the “straw man” for a special interest or lobby group.


    You have the right to peacefully protest at any time, SPONTANEOUSLY AND WITHOUT THE NEED FOR A PERMIT, and at a distance from the object of your protest that is close enough for the object to be aware of your presence, yet far enough that you do not interfere with the object’s right to operate or exist.


    You have the right to keep and bear arms of a power equivalent to that of the government or police, both for your personal safety and in the eventuality that the government becomes corrupt and must be taken down by force.  You have the right to organize “citizen militias” for the immediate protection of your community and to keep government power in check.

    If law enforcement attempts to conduct a warrantless search, or attempts to violate any of the rights outlined in this constitution, then they lose all authority to act on behalf of government, and you have the right to turn your arms against law enforcement.  If necessary, you may use deadly force in order to protect your property and the right to life and freedom of yourself, your family and your animals.


    You have the right to enter into any form of “union” you see fit, including those of a homosexual or polygamous nature.  The government has no right to regulate marriage.  However, private entities, such as individual business owners, churches and corporations, have the right to decide what their definition of “marriage” is, and are under no obligation to recognize your union. 

    Government will give no benefit or preferential tax treatment to any particular type of union, keeping out of the business of “marriage” all together.


    You have the right to travel unadulterated and without interference from the government or any other person or group.  A group protesting against you has the right to make your mobility temporarily inconvenient, but cannot stop it all together.


    You have the right to have any matters before the government or the courts resolved in a speedy manner, including criminal prosecutions, tribunals, hearings or civil actions.

    As of yet we have no position on whether or not Canada should enact “Statutes of Limitations” for indictable crimes.


    You have the right to a trial by a fair and impartial jury of your peers, but it will be mandatory that every member of a jury be at least 65 years of age and of sound mind and body (in essence, an ad hoc “Council of Elders”). 

    There are several benefits to choosing Seniors for this role.  Firstly, Seniors have gained wisdom from life experience, granting them the moral right both to pass judgement and to nullify bad laws.  Many have raised children and can differentiate between a good and a bad seed.  Secondly, they tend to make calm, rational, calculated decisions that are free of emotional overlay.  Thirdly, their minds are usually clear and unburdened by intrusive thoughts of work, family or sex.  Fourth, they tend to have a lot of free time on their hands, making their availability rarely an issue.  Fifth, they need not be reimbursed for their time since they will already be receiving “Basic Income”.  Finally, taking them out of their day-to-day routine has far less of an impact on the function of society than it would for younger people.

    All judges will be required by law to instruct their juries as to THE RIGHT OF JURY NULLIFICATION.  If the jury nullifies a law, they will be obliged to inform the judge that they exercised that right in either one of two ways.  If they did so in a UNIVERSAL sense, then that law will be IMMEDIATELY STRUCK DOWN until it can be re-enacted with perfected wording, or not re-enacted at all.  However, if the jury informs the judge that they exercised nullification SPECIFIC to the facts in the case before them, then the decision would merely be entered into case law without affecting the existing law as a whole.

    Finally, it will be mandatory that at least one Supreme Court judge be a Status Native, and appointed NOT by a government body, but by the Assembly of First Nations.


    You have the right to live in a demographically stable society that is not eroded by excessive immigration, or by immigration of people from countries which do not share our values.  Immigration laws will favour people from countries with similar language, culture, and values as us.  The government will strictly enforce borders and hear immigration cases rapidly, deporting those who are rejected, in an expeditious manner.

    Canada’s “open border” policy, which encourages immigration from nations that are diametrically opposite to our culture, religion and values, is right out of the Soviet Marxist playbook.  The purpose of such a policy is first to dilute then to decimate our cultural status quo, making it easier for the government to subjugate us. 

    The Soviet Marxists used similar methods, by forcing large populations of foreigners of meagre means into areas that were demographically stable and primarily populated by industrious Slavic farmers.  The influx of these foreign peoples destroyed the local Slavic culture and economy, resulting in a Cultural Holocaust that allowed the Marxist regime to spiritually enslave the indigenous population within one generation. 

    In Canada over the last 40 years, powerful Marxist lobby groups, under the guise of “we are one world” and with the battle cry of “only racists oppose immigration”, have influenced our government to implement a nihilistic immigration policy that is virtually identical to the Soviet protocols, but far more subtle.  Throughout the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s, Pierre Trudeau and his successors opened our borders under the feel-good mantra of “multiculturalism”. 

    When the government realized that increased crimes rates, degradation of public morality, and a deteriorating Canadian economy were causing the Canadian-born population to revolt against this insane program, they shifted into high gear with the absurd, audacious, fraudulent propaganda slogan of “diversity is our strength” (which is still used today).


    Once you reach the age of 65, you not only have the right to live with dignity, but also to be respected as wise counsel.  You will be qualified to sit on a jury, be a Senator, etc. 

    “Elder Abuse” and financial scams targeting Seniors, are crimes almost as vile as the abuse of children, and will be met with harsh criminal prosecution.


    Any veteran that has been deployed in a combat role has the right to be revered and respected by society, even if the war he participated in was illegitimate.  Specifically, those unfortunate veterans who return with medical conditions MUST receive the best care possible with absolutely no regard to expense.  They are unwitting victims of a hijacked foreign policy and must be cared for with love and understanding.

    Furthermore, the right to REFUSE TO COMPLY will be extended to Canadian Armed Forces personnel who for moral reasons refuse to participate in a military action.  That right of refusal will only be exercisable BEFORE deployment into battle, and NOT during actual combat, when doing so may endanger the lives of their comrades (which would be a disloyal act of desertion).


    The existing Senate will be dissolved, and you will have the right to elect approximately 50 Senators, based on fair provincial and territorial demographic distribution, provided they are at least 65 years of age and of sound mind and body. 

    Furthermore, at least 5 Senate seats will be reserved for Senators from the Aboriginal community.  The 5 native Senators will be elected through a Canada-wide online ballot exclusive to Status Indians.  Those 5 native seats will not preclude additional Status Indians from running for non-native Senate seats.


    You have the right to instill in your children the true Canadian culture and mythology that has been decimated by Cultural Marxism.  We must rebuild our culture from the ground up with the eventual goal of having it re-enter the collective consciousness. 

    By combining Aboriginal and European myths, legends and cultural references, we can create a unique Canadian identity based on hundreds of years of history which dates back to well before Confederation.