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    I am both the founder and leader of The New Constitution Party of Canada.  I created the party’s concept, working platform and logo.  All future policy decisions will be made by me, in consultation with my shadow cabinet and the Inner Circle of the Founding Elders.  I am NOT being directed by ZioMarxist “handlers”, therefore I am the ONLY major party leader who thinks for himself.

    I am incorruptible, uncompromising, tenacious, fanatical, loyal and unwavering in my devotion to the party’s platform.  My depth of knowledge across a broad range of topics, combined with my linguistic mastery and public speaking abilities, enable me to effortlessly articulate and communicate the party’s platform, in language that the majority of people can grasp and be inspired by.  I am so knowledgeable that I need not rely upon written notes, instead delivering speeches spontaneously with the ability to adapt content and delivery style to my audience’s minute-by-minute response.  My debate skills have proven to be unrivalled.  My mere presence in the proximity of an opponent will often turn them into a nervous wreck.

    I am the eldest son of Greeks who immigrated to Canada in 1953.  My father was an orphan whose parents were murdered in the Holocaust in Asia Minor.  My mother was a Pontic Greek whose sad history I describe further down.  Her maiden name was "Tsaramiadou".  The suffix "Tsar" was bestowed upon my mother's family because they earned high positions in the court of the Russian Tsar.  They were fervent Orthodox Christians who remained loyal to the Tsar until he and his family were slaughtered by Marxist Jews.  If my family was in Russia today, they would be loyal servants of the new protector of the Orthodox Church, Tsar Vladimir Putin. My father anglicized my name from “Dimitrious Sarafopoulos”.  He asked my mother to only speak English at home so that my siblings and I would easily assimilate into Canadian society.  

    My parents came here with nothing and I grew up in a lower socioeconomic Italian neighbourhood in the Dufferin & Lawrence area of Toronto.  My parents believed that the Aboriginal people were the true owners of Canada, and everyone else, including our family, were “guests” in their land.  My parents’ reverence toward Aboriginals was so great that I remember as a child tossing a gum wrapper onto the grass and my mother slapping me and saying “Never throw garbage on the ground again.  This land doesn’t belong to us.  It belongs to the Indians.”  I never forgot that moment.

    I am a retired Canadian Armed Forces Medical Officer (Captain) and I am also Canada’s premiere anti-Marxist.  I have keen insight into the damage caused by the parasitic nature of Canada’s MOG (Marxist Occupation Government).  My mandate is to cleanse the body politic and our society of any and all remnants of Marxist ideology, so that Canada can once again be free from divisive Marxist social engineering and destructive Marxist economic planning.

    My concerns about Marxism are well-founded.  My mother’s family were ethnic Greeks from Sevastopol, Russia.  A century ago they fled back to Greece to save themselves from an impending Marxist bloodbath.  They were the lucky ones.  My extended family, most of which stayed behind, was systematically slaughtered by Soviet Marxists in the biggest Holocaust in human history.  By the time the massacre was over, the Marxists executed 50 Million Orthodox Christians. Genrikh Yagoda, a ZioMarxist Jew who loathed Christians (most of Stalin’s high ranking henchmen were Jews) personally oversaw the murder of 10 Million Orthodox Christians, including members of my own family who unwisely chose to remain in the Soviet Union.

    The mass slaughter in the Soviet Union was preventable because from the outset it was easy to see that the path leading to it was a very slippery slope.  It started shortly after the Marxist revolution of 1917 when “hate speech” laws were enacted (similar to what Canada has done).  Those laws made it illegal for you to criticize certain groups.  “Hate speech” and “political correctness” are subtle forms of mind control which prevent you from speaking your thoughts, with the ultimate goal of employing gradually stronger negative reinforcement to control and suppress ALL your thoughts.

    Then “Hate Speech” laws in the Soviet Union were toughened up and extended to make it illegal to criticize even more groups (similar to legislation being tabled in Canada right now).  The next phase was to limit public protests, then ban them all together (Canada’s treatment of G20 protestors, the ban on wearing masks during protests, and the proposed law to ban protests that interfere with "critical infrastructure" are ominous signs).  It was followed by “gun control” which was touted as being necessary for the “safety” of Soviet citizens (happening to our American cousins and already in place in Canada).  

    In tandem with all these measures, Soviet Marxists outlawed the practice of Christianity, and thousands of churches and cathedrals were burned down (the attack on Canadian Christianity is being accelerated).  Soon the citizens were thoroughly demoralized, too afraid to protest, dying of starvation, and completely disarmed.  Then men, women and children were easily rounded up, with the women and many of the children raped.  Finally they were executed whilst many of them were on their knees praying.

    Why does the mainstream media bombard us with questionable anti-Nazi propaganda, yet we never hear about the Marxists who murdered my relatives?  Joseph Goebbels said “Think of the press as a giant keyboard on which the government can play”.  What we are being fed is NOT the truth.  Just like Al-Qaeda suicide bombings, ISIS beheadings, and 9-11 “terrorist” attacks, it is pure government propaganda, and much of it is staged in order to justify immoral wars.  George Orwell said “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act”.  Let us commit ourselves to speak ONLY THE TRUTH during the upcoming political purge, and use that truth to stop the spread of this deadly cultural infection.

    Now knowing what I have taught you, I urge you to help me save Canada from an inevitable erosion of civil liberties, by joining me in a peaceful anti-Marxist revolution; a battle of wits in which a small, well-organized, well-informed group of patriots will defeat a dim-witted hoard of brainwashed lackeys.  No matter what your political affiliation, from conservative to anarchist, or what your religious convictions, from Islam to atheism, we are a
ll victims of the Marxists and we must form a united front.  

    To attain our objectives we must follow the example of Jesus Christ, who was the first and the greatest Libertarian to ever live (some might even argue that he was an “anarchist”).  Rather than trying to shove his principles down the throats of others, Jesus believed in voluntary participation.  He felt that a movement
could not instill righteousness in people by brute force, which is the “Old Testament” way still practiced today by those who claim to be descendants of the Pharisees.  Instead, he led by example in the hopes that others would follow … and they did!  Jesus ultimately sacrificed his life for his Libertarian ideals, being ritually sacrificed on the cross, primarily because he drove the money-changing Pharisees out from the temple (the first high-profile protest of the “99%” against the “1%”).  Unfortunately, the Pharisees are still around today and they still control the “money-changing” banking industry.

    Like Jesus Christ, we members of The New Constitution Party of Canada must set the example for society’s lost souls, and make those around us curious and envious of our utopian ideals.  We must walk in public with our heads held high, smiling and swaggering in a way that makes outsiders wonder what we are all about, and crave to have what we have.  At first they may mock us and think us mad, but morbid curiosity will draw them to our movement.  We will gradually gain strength by awakening one brainwashed soul at a time.  

    I have set the example for you and now it is YOUR turn to help me set the example for others!  I ask you to join The New Constitution Party of Canada.  In return for your loyalty and hard work, you will rise within our ranks to become a leader amongst men.  You will tower above apathetic, common men, with the comforting knowledge that you have divine righteousness on your side.  

    Become part of a new chapter in Canadian history.  Stand side-by-side with us as we repel the Marxist hoards.  They may outnumber us at present, but their ranks are filled with cowards, eunuchs and imbeciles.  Like the 300 Spartans at Thermopylae, even though we are outnumbered, our strong resolve and unyielding determination will overwhelm, demoralize and crush them, until they are swept into the dustbin of history, merely worthy of a footnote in a 22nd century schoolbook.

Dr. James Sears, Captain (Retired)
Medical Officer, Canadian Armed Forces
Founder and Leader
New Constitution Party of Canada

DR. JAMES SEARS ADDRESSES THE "CANADIAN ASSOCIATION FOR FREE EXPRESSION":  Human rights advocate Paul Fromm invited Dr. Sears to lecture a standing-room only crowd on the topic of "Outrageously exercising free speech to create a 'Truth Blitzkrieg' to confuse and ultimately annihilate our ZioMarxist oppressors ... without getting arrested".  Issues discussed ranged from miscegenation to the "Nazi Holohoax" to bringing the Jews to Jesus to interracial harmony to Israel & the CIA carrying out 9-11.  Dr. Sears did not hold back as he effortlessly addressed even the most obscure and tricky of audience questions.  If you are going to watch one video of Dr. Sears speaking, this video is the one!

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